Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there a fee to join?

We pay dues to belong to the Illinois PTA. We also raise a little extra funds through membership.

  • What if I can't pay the fee?

We value your participation more than anything. If you'd like to join but can't pay the fee, please reach out and we will find another family to support you.

  • Why should I join?

We contact all our members through emails via MemberHub to make sure they know what is upcoming and how to get involved. If you don't sign up, we won't be able to keep you informed.

  • Where do the funds raised go?

Over the past few years we have sponsored events for the students, including STEM events, Field Trips, Class Parties. Where possible, we also purchase items for the school like recess kits.

  • What is this year's fundraising goal?

We've been deciding what specifically to allocate the funds to at the end of the school year as this is dependent on the amount of funds raised. On our shortlist are a Indoor Basketball Hoop or new Lunch Tables.

  • Could I donate directly to my child's classroom?

Yes of course, please visit the donations page to see a Wish Tree of ideas of gifts for your teachers and their classrooms.

  • What do you talk about in meetings?

We always send out an agenda before the meeting but our discussions usually involve:

  1. An update from Principal Hightower

  2. An update on upcoming events

  3. An update on fundraising efforts

  4. A special segment - Budget discussion/ Special Guest

  5. A chance to bring up questions or thoughts that are on your mind

Note that we try hard to keep our meetings under 1 hour in duration, and they will be on zoom for the foreseeable future.